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Elisa Gambino



Emmy®-award winning producer and director Elisa Gambino brings her journalist’s eye to capturing stories that matter. In 2022, she directed Wasteland, a CBS News docuseries for Paramount+ that examines wastewater’s disastrous and very personal impacts on four American communities. Just a few months after it debuted, Wasteland prompted the most significant environmental justice grant in the history of New York State and won an award from the nonprofit Food and Water Watch. Most recently, Elisa traveled to the Philippines to direct “Every Day After,” an Oscar-qualified short documentary that follows Jary, a 13-year-old orphan with a disability, and Jessa, his older sister. Elisa made her feature-length documentary debut in 2020 with Welcome to Pine Lake. The story of a small Georgia town whose self-proclaimed progressive values hide a darker truth, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution hailed it as “a scathing indictment of the privilege of obliviousness when it comes to class and race.” She has also executive-produced several documentary shorts, including the Oscar®-nominated “A Love Song for Latasha” (2021), “Quilt Fever” (2019), and “Outspoken” (2019).