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Neal Broffman


Director of Photography & Editor

Neal Broffman developed his eye and empathy as a boy in his father’s darkroom, where he was mesmerized by the portraits of the Civil Rights Movement he saw appearing before him. A white outsider to the Movement, the elder Broffman taught his son that to photograph people with humility, a photographer must focus their ears and heart no less than their lens. Neal has since devoted his life to continuing and furthering his father’s philosophy, telling visual stories that explore the common threads of connection and community worldwide. He spent a decade with CNN International, covering wars, elections, famines, and upheaval in more than 50 countries. His 2015 feature documentary, “Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi,” has been screened, streamed, and broadcast worldwide and won numerous awards. In 2020, he completed the lauded feature documentary “Welcome to Pine Lake,” available for streaming on Paramount+. Of all the work Neal has done, he is proud of his extensive experience filming, editing, and producing global health stories. The courage of frontline health.